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The then red, black and white Seeker stood in the clear open of the landscape of the Earth's moon, light glistening off his armor and wing-sword. He had been ridiculed by Megatron for his inadequacies again. It wasn't his fault Megatron wasn't fit to lead the Decepticons and never gave Cyclonus, Demolishor or Starscream orders on how to work together rather than against each other. There was almost no point for him to remain there in the team Megatron assembled, but the trip back to Cybertron would take more out of him than it would have been worth it and he didn't want to hear Thundercracker or Skywarp mocking him for returning alone.

Swift and flawless movements came as he slashed at the airless space before him with his sword. If it weren't that Megatron had the Star Saber sword, Starscream could have easily have given him a run for his money. But as he kept moving with the sword techniques, he thought more over Optimus Prime and how the Autobot leader treated his mechs. Equality, respect, trust, these things were among a few that he craved. Respect above all else was his desire. He tried so hard to gain respect from Megatron for the battles he'd fought, but none of it was ever good enough for the leader. All Megatron ever seemed to want was universal domination and nothing else even seemed to matter much. Even Sideways was able to mess around with Starscream and the others when Megatron wasn't watching.

A slash through the space in front of him came as a growl vibrated his throat while he narrowed his optics. He didn't need Megatron. He would steal the Sky Boom shield from the Autobots and the Star Saber sword from Megatron yet. Then where would the two factions be with just the Requiem Blaster?

He couldn't wait to find out.
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