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As Starscream stood on the battlefield opposite Galvatron, he kept thinking about what he was doing and what it had meant to him to gain peace for the universe from Unicron. The planet-sized menace was awakening thanks to Sideways and Thrust's treachery but it wasn't too late to make the Decepticon leader see that joining forces with the Autobots was the only way they would achieve any victory over their new adversary. But in all of the fighting, he couldn't help but think of how much faith and trust the children, especially Alexis, had placed in him. Alexis had been willing to trust him from the very beginning, when he sought refuge with the Autobots and never seemed to let it waiver even when he returned to the Decepticons.

He had never had anyone trust him like that before. Trust was an illusion with the Decepticons, always an illusion for others to stab him in the back or deactivate him for their own gains. He fought long and hard to keep one step ahead of the others and even when Thrust tried to get him deactivated time and again, he never knew true friendship or respect. Then when the children had made the chamois for him, he almost couldn't believe they had done something for him without asking for anything in return. The children had asked for a rock from Mars from Jetfire, but it was Starscream who had come through for them. He didn't fully intend to do so, but he did it for them anyway. The children weren't like the Autobots or Decepticons. They didn't seem to even care that he was a Decepticon, only that he could help fight Megatron, who became Galvatron, and bring an end to the war over the Minicons.

His Spark ached when he had to betray them. It was the only thing he could do to gain vengeance, or so he thought, and he needed to prove himself that he could defeat Megatron. But even when he was accepted back into the Decepticon fold, he couldn't stop thinking about how the children affected him and showed him kindness when he didn't deserve it.

"Thank you, children... Thank you for what you had done for me."


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