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I've stood trial before, not in the courts with a judge and jury sense, but in the sense that I was being watched and judged by peers. I've gone through this with both the Decepticons and the Autobots. I could understand it completely with the Autobots, I'm even willing to admit being untrustworthy to them. My only reason for joining the Autobots was to get my chance to deactivate Megatron. Of course Thrust and his cowardly ways of using others for his own means took advantage of this and convinced me to rejoin the Decepticons, but I digress. In my Spark I knew it would never work for me to stay with the Autobots. Hot Shot rightly accused me of being untrustworthy but stranger still was Optimus' reaction in not regretting anything about allowing me into their base.

I guess you could say the ultimate sentence I ever had for the mistakes I'd supposedly made had been when Megatron tried to deactivate me. In his optics, I had failed him far too many times to be granted reprieve and he wanted to make an example of me. Admittedly this may seem cruel and maybe even barbaric to humans, but in the Decepticon army, you were either deactivated by the enemy or even, in most cases, by Megatron himself.

I've always known deactivation was inevitable in war, but I wanted to control how I was deactivated so that I either did so after deactivating Megatron or did so with honour and integrity in light of how the Autobots viewed me. These were the cases when I challenged Galvatron, as Megatron had been known after our Minicons powerlinxed with us, for the last time. This last battle was my last trial with him. I don't regret anything I've done and I gave it my all in fighting him. But it was never enough. Nothing I did was enough for him. No matter how many battles I'd fought, win or lose, he always found faults even if they were nonexistent.

My trials have ended with me having sacrificed myself to open Galvatron's optics to the fact Unicron existed and that the only way to defeat Unicron was by combining forces with the Autobots. I paid the ultimate price and sentenced myself to deactivation in the process.
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