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There was only so much Starscream could take when he fought Galvatron on Cybertron. He knew deep in his Spark that there was no way he would come out of this confrontation alive, even if Galvatron wasn't wielding the Star Saber sword. This, to Starscream, was the only way he would even hope to make the leader of the Decepticons understand and realize what he was doing wrong in refusing to fight alongside the Autobots in defeating Unicron. His thoughts, though straying on the edge of disarray, kept him focused as he tried to find a way, any way, to open Galvatron's optics and fast. Unicron was awakening above them, the pincer-like horns already visible even from Cybertron while the silver, jagged maw between them remained closed.

"I hope you realize what it is that you are doing, Starscream." Galvatron said to him in a low and dangerous tone. Oh he knew. He knew alright. "No one disobeys my orders and gets away with it!"

But he already had done so many times before. It didn't matter, though. This was his last fight and Fate had been so kind to Starscream already in allowing him to learn what he had from the Autobots and the children. He knew, deep in his Spark, that Alexis would be heartbroken when she would hear of his deactivation. This didn't make things any easy for him to deal with but he hid his inner turmoil from both Galvatron and Optimus Prime while wielding his wing-sword, the blood red glow of its blade reflecting in his grey optics as he parried, thrusted and jabbed at Galvatron while lightning from above stabbed downward towards them every now and then. Starscream knew what he was getting into when he entered this fight. He knew... Oh how he had hoped that it didn't come to this but he knew Galvatron too well. But now was not the time to open memory files and reminisce. Time was running out, both for him and for the entire Transformers race. Then it came, that well-placed stab into his Spark, the pain flared all through his frame as he let a smirk cross his faceplates as they softened. The time he had left was ticking down to zero. Now was his last chance to make a plea for a truce.

"I tried to gain favour from you. But nothing was ever good enough. No matter how many battles I fought, you always found fault. Then I saw how Optimus treated his men, and I realized he was a leader of integrity. Unlike you." Starscream explained to Galvatron, still staring upward to the heavens from where he had laid on the ground after collapsing. The erratic way his Spark was now pulsing after the Star Saber sword pierced it was making it hard for him to see as his systems cried out for him to enter stasis-lock. He knew he was now beyond the point of no return and even if he survived, Red Alert wouldn't be able to repair him even if Galvatron allowed it.

"You were too weak to ever gain my respect." Galvatron sneered, his voice dripping with disgust at Starscream before the Seeker gathered the rest of his strength to regain his footing. Now was the time. If he was to change Galvatron's processors in this dire situation, he had to be the one to do so.

"None of that matters now. You must listen — do as Optimus says and join forces with the Autobots, or else every last one of us is doomed!" Starscream said as his optics softened and a smile came upon his faceplates. "Please sir... do it for me..."

Time was out. Unicron seemed angry as the lightning crackled and brightened the Cybertronian sky as Starscream hardened his faceplates, gripping the blue blade buried in his darker blue chestplates and pulled with what was left of his strength until the sword was no longer lodged in him. He had to try, had to make an attempt at attacking the unmaker while he was still immobile. The fate of everything he held dear depended on action now.

"It's time to finish this once and for all! Activate Proton Cannon!" He roared as the cannons flipped onto his shoulders from behind while he reared back to aim at the sky. "You're all mine, Unicron!"

As Starscream fired upon Unicron, he released Swindle from the clasping mechanisms on his back, letting his Minicon partner go before the smaller mech would not suffer the same Fate as his "Bulk" partner. The lightning illuminated everything in sight as it struck the jetformer, leaving him yelling from the pain before ultimately disintegrating from the blast. The light subsided, leaving a large crater where Starscream once stood while his wing-sword remained nearby, its blade-tip embedded in the ground yards from where the two faction leaders and lone Minicon stood.

"It's over, Swindle. But he was a brave soldier." Optimus eulogized Starscream to the Minicon.


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